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NV Series - Miniature Joystick!!

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작성자 bluetac 작성일17-01-11 09:14 조회3,088회 댓글0건





The NV series is a brand new 4 or 5-direction switch-based joystick (4 directions + pushbutton).

Contrary to most navigators currently on the market, the NV series provides enhanced tactile feedback

in 4 directions plus pushbutton.

This results in improved haptics and extremely precise control associated with a compact size (bushing dia. 16 mm).

With its chrome plated metal case and IP69K sealing level, the NV series withstands all types of adversity including

water, frost, dust, sand, and hydrocarbons 

Designed for the harshest environments, the NV series is extremely robust and maintains its tactile effect

even during excessive shock or vibrations.   

* 참조 동영상 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXiVzzG88gM&cc_load_policy=1



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